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Data from clinical pathways are fragmented and difficult to collect. The processing and rendering of data is time consuming and require special skills, which makes manually monitoring the clinical pathways far too resource-demanding.  Imatis' solution for monitoring all phases of the clinical processes is based on standard components from our product suite, built to support real-time healthcare systems. You can easily establish a “probe” in the process and monitor the bottleneck, activity, waiting time, deviations from procedures etc.  All the data is monitored in real time, and new key performance indicators can be established on the fly, even when the system is in full operation.  This is a real Lightweight ITC system, where Apps and Widgets can be established and turned in to useful information instantly. You need to se it to believe it, it is awesome functionality not seen in the healthcare before.

A partnership, consisting of Ringerike Hospital, Innovation Norway, the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority and Imatis, has developed a activity monitoring solution specifically designed for the healthcare sector. A real time analytic solution based on open technology. The platform can run from local data centers or from Azure Cloud.

A great deal of meaningful and effective work goes into improving patient safety and quality of care in clinical settings at Hospitals. Important process information is collected, processed and made accessible to the organization as a whole, with thorough database documentation. Our solution has proven to be perfect for collaborative learning, resulting in lean clinical processes, clinical pathways, high quality and better patient safety. These collective practices, and the knowledge behind them, have been developed at Ringerike over many years, and have been transformed into a user-friendly, advanced computer solution by Imatis.

Over the last years Imatis has productized the technology and is now a optional part to our IMATIS Lightweight ITC platform for real time healthcare data.  Several of our national and international customer has started to use thise analytic tolls.  They run from Cloud or from local data centers.


Good Control - Good Experience

You can only manage what you measure

Activity Monitoring benefits

Trending, historical view, statistical process controll and a lot of more functionality can be added to the the IMATIS Activity Monitoring platform - real time analytics. The platform can be expanded with thired party tools for advanced real time analytics and reporting.

Real time KPI

Monitor waiting time

Monitor bottlenecks

Monitor responce time

Monitor that checkliste is used

Monitor patient satisfaction

Monitor bed status

Monitor nurse call

Do real time analytics

Flexible to use, implement and configure

Cloud ready

Collaborative learning

Register information at all departments

Activity Monitoring Analytics for health

Clinical pathway and activity monitoring

Transform the healthcare system to give the patients and the providers personal control over their situation, by providing information, communication and education, and coordinate and integrate the care across silos, all in real time with maximum transparences. All silos is integrated witht the IMATIS Fundamentum Lightweight ITC platform, this is not only the Clinical applciations but facility managment, building systems etc.

Departmental Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Dashboard

Data is retrieved from the primary systems used by the healthcare organization.  Clinicians enter large amounts of raw data into miscellaneous systems every day (including paper and unstructured information in to IT systems), without obtaining any processed information back. Their input data can, put together and processed in the right way, provide information on work processes, quality of patient treatment and overall service provided. Our solution will detect waste of resources, system bottlenecks and unexpected variations. By understanding the variations across and within the different systems, our solution can assist in the improvement, design and redesign of vital healthcare processes. The monitoring has been balanced with 5-6 groups clustered together. In this case we gathered data from clinical systems, patient administrative systems, patient satisfaction surveys, logistics and cost-related systems. We can also benchmark indicators inside the hospital, or cross-reference with other hospitals. Imatis has also developed tools, checklists and door displays, and apps for entering clinical and logistic infomration into the system in structured way, data can then be forwared into the record or others storage siloes in the hewaywaight IT world, when the users can use the lightweight IT world that is based on Apps Widgets, web applications and other modern tools.

Users can access real-time information about clinical processes by using large touch-based screens or monitors, Apps on smart phones, door display, patients servey applications or any modern computer device.  This degree of visibility makes information transparent throughout the entire organization, which will help the hospital build an organizational culture for improvements, transparence, better quality and patient safety.  The whiteboards are configured to meet the needs of the local departments, and the user can track information from one Visi whiteboard across to the whiteboard of a different department.  Whiteboards can also be set up for research purposes or to serve local leanings and projects that are not otherwise connected to the web portal menu. Imatis has all the apps, widgets and web application you need.  it supports signle sign-on, so you can log in once to get access to all the information described.

Examples of a few of the Key performance indicators used

The system is so easy to use, there is no need for IT personell.  With a few hours of traing you can set up your own real time KPI, and share them with the enterprice. This examples is establish from one of our customers where the system is implemented at the enterprise level.

Collecting data from silos

The solution used at new Østfold Hospital, St. Olavs Hospital and  Nordlandssykehuset - Kalnes adheres to international standards, such as HL7, and is integrated with standardized data systems. The solution can therefore be installed and used with other customers, with a minimum of investments. A ready-made set of best practice whiteboard templates (from our Fundamentum Apps store) and KPIs serve as an excellent starting point for other hospitals.


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