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The Imatis platform for community care, includes integration to sensors (Internet of Things -IoT), safety alarms, video and voice communication, response center, care team collaboration whiteboards for nursing home and welfare institutions. Survey and clinical pathways for patients with COPD, diabetes and other chronic conditions. The solution also offers door displays, and bedside patient terminals. The platform runs both on local data centers and from the cloud.  Imatis also integrates nurse call from several vendors as well as we are exclusive sale representative for Rauland Borg in Scandinavia.

Municipality Emergency Day Unit (KAD)

Imatis has developed a care team collaboration tool with embedded telehealth functionality.  The solutions can optional integrates internet of things, nurse call, and medical devices.  The collaboration tool support bed management, triage, care gravity, flow management, check-lists and much more. The Collaboratoin whiteboard is developed to support the Municipality Emergency Day Unit.

Clinical Grade Mobility

Imatis offers a messaging engine for collaboration between staff within the organization.  It also used for staff visiting patients at there home.  The Portal on the smart phone device also supports a set of Apps for use in the municipality.  It can be integrated to nurse call, sensors, checklist, care gravity, activity daily living check-list and much more.

Mobility - Facility Management

Imatis has Apps for services as orderly, generic messaging, work list, housekeeping, nurse call as well as technical service. The Mobility functionality is also used for team visiting patients at there own home

Bedside Terminals

Imatis offers municipality bedside patient portal. The portal runs on bedside terminals, tablets as well as modern Smart TV. The patient can controll light, temperature, access TV, radio, movie as well as survey and there own patient record, treatment plans etc.

Nursing Home

Imatis deliver team collaboration tools for nursing homes. The solution is flexible and can easy be tailored to fit local need.  It integrates to patient record, sensors, nurse call, resource management, bed management, triage, treatment plans, check lists and a lot more.

Nurse Call System

Imatis sell sensors and nurse call devices that can be connected to our software.  Sensors and safety alarms we sell is from Rauland Borg, Tungstall, Lyse Smartly, Vakt & Alarm and others. We deliver nurse call overlay software and it can also communicate with Nurse call sensors from Best, Merlon and Ascom in additon to our partner Rauland Borg.

We also sell mobile gard applications for use in municipality and home care.

Care Orchestration with Lightweight IT




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Health Applications

IMATIS Fundamentum (Integration, Messaging and Workflow Engine)

Lightweight IT solutions with the innovative smarts to integrate with existing Heavyweight legacy systems deliver workflow efficiencies covering the entire patient journey, improving patient care, quality and safety.

Imatis provides Lightweight IT solution Platform for municipalities, health districts and home-based care is a well proven platform that can be installed locally on a data center or in the cloud. Our orchestration, integration and messaging engine connects to existing Heavyweight systems facilitating the use of our web portals, clinical-grade mobility apps, wearable devices, health applications and electronic care team whiteboards for collaboration that are much simpler to deploy. The embedded portal for web application and smart phones supports signle sign-on, has a role based user interface as well as supporting context management. The platfrom is already installed and used world wide for several years.

Distance monitoring patients living in their home from the Hospital call center.  The solution is a cloud based solution delivered by Imatis

MyHealth COPD Patients

Imatis MyHealth about developing new welfare technology solutions for independent living in their own homes.

The background has been to develop new services and associated welfare technology for treatment and monitoring of people with chronic illness, while staying at home. The overall goal is to prevent escalation by facilitating mastery of their disease, as well as by implementing measures and treatment as early as possible, to prevent hospitalizations.

Service progress in MyHealth implies that living at home report their health status through a Imatis App and wireless sensors. The message is received by a nurse at a response center using IMATIS Visi, a cloud based service. Nurse considering the need for action / treatment based on the user's individual treatment plan (patient care), which is prepared by specialist doctors.

Nurse forwards collected data to care professional if necessary for measures other than those described in the care plan.

Patient Alarm and Sensor Integration

A modern patient alarm system will increase safety and efficacy for users of nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the municipality and the home of the patient.

Imatis has over many years built up a platform for warehousing large amounts of data from sensors and patient alarm - Internet of Things. Imatis its technology can collect data from various types of analog- and digital sensors, alarm systems and applications. We build on standards as SCAIP, Continua, OPC, FIHR, HL7 and others.

We supply both applications used by the patient, health staff on response center, hospital and municipal employees. The applications can be used on all types of smart phones, tablets and computers. Through partners, we have provided a variety of types of sensors such as, fall sensor, GPS sensors, safety alarms, and more. We also have a Mobile messaging platform that unified all systems - IMATIS Mobilix

Safe-Track - GPS Location Tracking

Through Imatis project, Safe Tracks can municipality and individuals make use of localization technology / GPS to follow patients who are demented. Imatis platform connect and manage GPS devices used to track demented individuals.

Through Response Center application can the service be administered, and data positioning appears and to be shown in maps.

Telehealth - Remote Monitoring

The Patient portal has a wide range of features including communication through the embedded telehealth videoconference, solutions for flexible call centers, video remote interpreting or consultation and multi care team meetings. Several customers have already used the call center functionality for monitoring patients in their own homes (home care, dementia patients, and chronic patients), thus allowing the patients to stay at home longer and freeing up resources at the hospital.

The new face-to-face communication service simplifies collaboration with colleagues on other locations and patients. Videoconferences are set up directly from the web portal. The Imatis platform is ideal for care team Collaboration and teamwork across distances. Additionally, videoconferences are used to facilitate communication with patients in their own homes via secure, redundant broadband networks.

Door / Room Management Display

The Door / Room Management display can be configured to local need.  It can be used for nurse call, communication, service request etc.

Response Center

The Response Center (tele visitation) service from Imatis supports a flow of information related to the handling of warnings / alarms from welfare technology products, sensors, alarms and home automation. This is to protect the user and ensure optimal work procedures and efficient flow and collaboration between Hospital, Municipality and Home care.

The information flow and integration between solutions follow national and international recommendations on architecture and standards and any shared components that are established. The platform supports HL7, Continua, FIHR, OPC, Web Services and SCAIP, as well as SIP and WebRTC for video and voice.

Patient Apps

Imatis has developed applications for tablets and smartphones, which will enable people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or other chronic diseases are better able to be self-reliant in their own homes. The applications will have features for monitoring of disease and prevent worsening of health, social contacts and training, alarm and tracking functionality. This Apps can be combined with sensors and home automation. Imatis working on several innovations in the area and has several pilot projects under way with local authorities and hospitals where patients are involved.

To collect and deliver keys takes about 6 percent of the home service time in municipalities that do not have key boxes. In large areas, key management account for 15 percent of working time. Which means between 30 and 60 minutes per nurse per day. By installing Care Lock it can be reduced significantly.

Driving less - is good for the environment

Home Service's driving can be reduced by up to 15 percent of Care Lock introduced.

In a municipality where the home user approved environmental cars and driving 100000 km / year, this means an annual reduction of CO2 of at least 18 tons, and savings in fuel costs of more than 10,000 liters.

Increased security - increased security

With Care Lock there is no need for any physical keys or cards.

Care Lock