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A patient's electronic health records can be navigated in detail using IMATIS Visual Health, which exists in two different versions: One for staff members, and one for patients.   Both sets of users navigate using the 3D model. The anatomical model contains different views for the primary body systems, i.e. cardiovascular, skeletal, respiratory or nervous system etc. The model can be rotated, tilted and zoomed in to a fairly detailed level. Info markers with medical codes are placed accurately according to information in the patient's health records, giving the user easy access to relevant parts of the patient's medical record by visually highlighting the patient's medical episodes or conditions. By clicking on the markers, the corresponding incident records, notes, vital signs, cave and lab results can be accessed in full.

Many clinical settings require the use of multiple systems and devices. Logistics are not optimized, in a very complex ICT work setting with many different usernames and passwords. The result is that nurses may spend less than 20 percent of their time on direct patient care.

IMATIS Visual Health provides an EHR overlay from standard medical dictionaries such as MeSH or ICD-10 onto a model of the human anatomy, automatically linking medical conditions to the relevant body parts on the model. This creates automatic illustrations of content as well as an anatomical indexing of key information that can be retrieved by interacting with the body directly. Supported dictionaries include MeSH, ICD-10, SNOMED CT, OpenEHR, MedDRA and more (generally any dictionary in the US. National Library of Medicine Metathesaurus).

IMATIS Visual Health can be used by clinical staff, but may also be of use to the patient. Danish hospitals have integrated the application with the National EHR, where it can access about 5 million patient records for the last 30 years across all hospitals. The user interface has a responsive design and can be used on any device. The solution supports patient engagement and empowerment, where the patients can access the service from the cloud, reviewing their own health records in detail.

Using open APIs, the application can be used as an EHR overlay for any EHR system. IMATIS Visual Health runs as a cloud service or it can be installed in a data center. It can be embedded into your existing health records system to provide an intuitive, highly graphic user interface.


Visual Health - Health Records Overlay with Lightweight IT

Visual Health benefits

Visual access to health records from any device

Patient access to their own health records from phone or tablet

Overlay to any existing electronic health record (EHR) system

Overlay to the national Danish EHR, with access to data across all hospitals

Navigate the EHR with a 3D anatomical modelSupports medical code frameworks (MeSH, ICD-10, OpenHER, SNOMED CT and more)

Supports patient context, based on the CCOW HL7 standard

Work seamlessly with all Imatis apps and widgets

Available in any modern browser

IMATIS Visual Health

IMATIS Visual Health

IMATIS Visual Health

Integrate Visual Health to your EMR

IMATIS Visual Health has an open API for integration with existing EHR systems. A terminology browser is included, for attaching the visual 3D presentation to your existing data by using ICD-10, OpenHER or other terminology or frameworks used. IMATIS Visual Health used in concert with the IMATIS Fundamentum CCOW Context manager enables sharing of patient context with other applications from Imatis or thired party.

Navigate in your patient record in 3D

Access patient records from any device


Patients access there own patient record from there home computer

Doctor access the patient record from any device

Navigate on the patient record from the 3D - Body, patient chart or the traditional text record - all options is there - at any device