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IMATIS Fundamentum and Application Suite is the software, integration and messaging platform that all Imatis software solution is built on.  It runs on infrastructure from Cisco, HP as well as Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. For more information about the Fundamentum Lightweight Platform and standard software modules, read on our product pages. The modules can be embedded in the system as needed, and with the Application Plug-In toolkit there is options to adding new Modules, Apps and Widgets to the platform when needed.  The toolkit is based on JavaScript and .Net as well as full support for develop and use of native Smart Phone Apps. The user interface for Windows OS and Apple OS is web based, with functionality that is at the same level of what you expect from a thick-application. The user interface is awesome, it is touch based, role based and support single sign on (SSO) and fits all modern touch screens from big touch based LCD screens, tablets and smart phone, as well as smaller wearable devices i.e. Apple Watch.  The platform supports integrations to any Enterprise Service Bus or our own IMATIS Fundamentum Integration Engine can be used, it is your option to extend the IMATIS Fundamentum with the modules that are needed for your specific project.





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Mobile units

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Communication Infrastructure

IMATIS Fundametum Lightweight ITC platform is module based. It includes several important services and interfaces. On the top we have a web portal for use on any device.  The protal is role based and supports single sign-on, mobile Bank ID and other cards uses in health for secure log-on.  In the platform we have a relation database, a hitorian IoT database, presence service, messaging and orchestration services and much more.

The platform has taken into acount the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that seeks to create a harmonised data protection law framework across the EU. It ams to give the citizens back the control of their personal data.  

The Fundamentum platform can run from standard Microsoft Azure cloud environment, or from a virtual multi server data center.

Portal, Apps and Widgets (PC/MAC, Smart Phone and Tablets)

Application Store

System Management and Monitoring


Rules and Configuration Management

Whiteboard Service

Messaging & Orchestration Service

Historian DB

Realt time





Context Management

Turn / Stun



Visual Health (EHR)


Relation DB

Application Server, Integration Engine

Smart Tracker


Physical network

Application Plug In´s

Integration Services

Call coordinator / incident handling

The EMCCs chain

IMATIS Fundamentum platform and Application Suite

EMCC Call taker, Incident handling and flow master



Accident management team

Central Emergency Hospital

Local Hospital

Municipality Emergency Center or Acute Day units

Patient Home

Accident area

Emergency Medical Dispatch is in essence an assessment of emergency calls C113 or for Tele Visitation emergency calls; decisions about the level of emergency, giving medical advice and allocation of ambulances and specialized pre-hospital units and it constitutes an essential part of the chain of survival. In the Emergency Medical Communication Centers (EMCC) performing Emergency Medical Dispatch, call coordinator triage of patients is susceptible to errors since decisions must be made rapidly based on limited information. The IMATIS software is developed to support the coordinator with critical information, decision support, triage functionality as a dispatcher functionality do to efficient fleet management based on the resources available.  For larger accidents it is also full support for sharing real time information to any management team independent of location.  The tool also share real time data with medical devices and registration tools in the ambulance, helicopter or Apps and Widget application at the accident ground.  Imatis also have tools for use at the Emergency department at the Hospital, as well as Queue and Flow tools for Municipal Emergency centers (KAD).  The rescue team also has access to Apps that can be installed on their Smartphones to share information, get work orders and for collecting data that can be shared in real time with applications on the work desk of the call coordinator and even to be implemented in the user interface for the Accident Management team involved in larger accidents.  Decision support tools like the Index for emergency call (Norwegian and Danish), and process tools to filter out in-relevant information instantly, when needed.  The system also supports sharing Video and Voice over IP, as well as adapters for integration into the emergency network.  

Tele Visitation (Akut telefonen) in Region Sjælland in Denmark using the Imatis software


EMCCs benefits

Modern architecture

Embedded messaging and mobility

Integration Engine

Chat, voice and video (WebRTC)

Flexible user interface

Support virtual communication centers

Auto dispatch work task based on pre-configurable rules

Integrates flow management, maps and desisinon support

Single sign on (SSO) portal, role based user interface

Set up rules for 24/7 responsible roles

can be used on any device, i.e.: smart phone, tablet PC etc.


Amphi prehospital patient Record from our Partner DXC sends information about the patient's condition and initial treatment from the incident and ambulances on to the emergency room and for example medical advisor. All information about the patient's condition continuously recorded during the pre-hospital effort, which ensures a better patient care, faster diagnosis and more e cient treatment.

All registration in the ambulance going on a touch screen that communicates with the system's central server over the cellular network. Measurements of ambulance patient monitor automatically transferred to IMATIS Visi acute screens at the Emergency Ward  on to the receiving acute screens.

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Emergency Ward

If you want to view the prehospital real time information with Emergencies data is continuously transmitted from the ambulance to the receiver acute screens or interactive electronic whiteboards as IMATIS Visi Emergency whiteboards.

Imatis have software to be used inside the ambulance, on the emergency whiteboard and on the emergency cental, ans shown in the image.