One of the biggest challenges within hospitals is to support continuous patient flow, often it so that each department has their own queue, so that patients and their families must wait for each service, such as medical consultation, radiology, lab tests, etc. Often you get no notice of how long it takes. The main reason is that hospitals are specialized organizations, with many technical and IT-related silos. In other words, a great need for better coordination and information sharing, but they specialized clinical systems (medical, laboratory, radiology, patient chart etc.) does not support it.

On the brand, new Østfold Hospital - Kalnes, the Norwegian IT company Imatis delivered an innovative solution to support the transverse processes. The special feature of this solution is that it is based on lightweight ITC, and the linking processes and heavyweight IT, across the enterprise Hospital.  All staff, including service and facility management is using the software. The patient also has access to the platform and ecosystem of Apps and web applications

The special feature of this solution is that it is based on lightweight ITC, and the linking processes and heavyweight IT has been done by Imatis. The ecosystem and platform for the lightweight ITC used by Østfold Hospital and all the Apps installed is Intelectual Property for Imatis AS.

Read the full blog from Professor B. Bygstad (in Norwegian)

New Østfold Hospital - Kalnes

In co-operation with the Østfold Hospital Kalnes near Oslo, Imatis have established a full scale digital hospital based on Lightweight ITC technology, a competence site and a showroom for healthcare, logistics and work flow products for the future- in full operation today. The brand new Hospital was open in November 2015.

Leightweight ITC blog

Lightweight ITC and Process Innovatoin

At the Østfold Hospital all employees use smart phones and large touch based computers to support their workflow.  The figure shows examples of services that is accessible from the Imatis lightweight eco-system used at the Hospital. The platform integrates all the legacy systems used in the Hospital. This includes electronic patient records (Dips), PACS/RIS, Lab system, telemetry, housekeeping, technical service, nurse call, location based services, building systems and much more. The Østfold Hospital is properly one of the most digital and integrated hospital in North Europe to-day. There is more than 2500 smart phone in use, 120 large thouch screens, 6 self check in terminals, signage screens for patients etc.