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Imatis is a software company delivering lightweight IT and Communication system to Hospitals.  The software is Imatis intellectual property originating from our research and development department with engineers and designers innovating and developing the next generation software for healthcare.  Imatis solutions support international languages and are installed throughout the globe by our alliance partners and local  subsidiaries. Imatis is on the forefront of the technology wave, and we are installed in some of today's most recent and modern Greenfield hospitals.  Our customers are a constant source of inspiration and the innovation that is our hallmark.  Our mission is to funnel our client collaboration and feedback into products that bring true value to our client's constituents, the staff, the patients and their families.

Previously the hospitals where constrained by a patchy view of patient and logistic data. Information resides in siloes of heavyweight IT systems with limited remote access and accessible only from outdated technology. Even more importantly, the data was not patient-centric or integrated.  Our objective is to make this data accessible in real time from any device and location with our outstanding applications and widgets.  The solution is also a unified communication platform where messages, workflow and integration bring together facility, logistics, sensors (Internet of Things), clinical systems and communications in one unified user interface.

This is demonstrated at the brand new Hospital Kalnes, in Østfold (South East Norway) that started operations in November 2015.  Every single user and employee uses Apps and Widgets from Imatis on Smart phones, Signage Displays, Electronic Whiteboards, Resource and Process applications.  From this Apps and Widgets the staff can access data from the patient record, lab results, images, “my patient list”, housekeeping, hospital orderly, nurse call, emergency call and much more.  This is a hospital where you can transparently access real-time information anywhere in a true mobile environment.

Traditional “heavyweight” IT systems are designed as systems of record for the traditional office worker, stationary at their desk.  Healthcare professionals and support staff in hospitals are mobile workers, who need a mobile computing infrastructure to be able to get optimal benefit from Information and Communication Technologies.  Until now they have had to access information from office spaces, a nurse station or other stationary location within the hospital.  For many, the only mobility option is cumbersome “COWS” (Computers on Wheels).   The opportunity that modern mobile information technology brings has been largely lost to the hospital industry as most of the available Electronic Health Record systems are legacy “heavyweight” systems built on outdated technology.  The Imatis value proposition is built around releasing data from the traditional siloed “heavyweight” systems and making it mobile, consumable and actionable through a “lightweight” IT infrastructure using modern day computing devices.  Imatis enhances existing investment in “heavyweight” IT without the need for “rip 'n replace”, bringing information to the caregiver, anytime, anywhere.  By extracting and aggregating data from multiple silos, secure messaging and mobility, Imatis delivers a very powerful workflow solution that allows the caregiver to spend more time on patient care, and increases patient safety by helping the caregiver better comply with care guidelines.

The Imatis solutions have been designed in close cooperation with staff from several hospitals, during the last 10 years.  Employees from our customers in Norway, Denmark and Australia have been involved, in addition to several Ph.D. students and Scientists from   Copenhagen University, Roskilde University as well as the Norwegian Technical University in Trondheim.  We have also worked very close with researchers from SINTEF in Norway.