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Integrated Service Management - Mobilix


Establishing an advanced and integrated orderly, technical service & cleaning task management system will require network infrastructure & devices, and the Imatis software suite and platform. Existing, incumbent systems are seamlessly integrated with our middleware integration engine (Imatis Fundamentum) through the use of open APIs. The end user will see a system that is more unified and easier to use, whilst retaining all essential sub-system functionality in the actual architecture.

For this integrated service management solution, we will enable the bi-directional passing of messages between wards/clerks and orderlies/cleaners. Beyond that functionality, our system can enable customers to pass two way messages between previously un-connected systems, such as phone systems from Cisco, Avaya, Apple, Nokia, Microsoft and Google, real-time location systems (RTLS), cleaning services, bed and room management, orderly and several logistic systems.

Community Service Management benefit

- Transparent information sharing across departments and organizations

- Less phone calls, bether organization of flow

- Building database with all rooms embedded

- Automate the dispatch of any service

- Better coordination between service and ward

- Service Management

- Integrates with rostory systems

- Integrates with all Imatis products

The IMATIS Fundamentum Apps and Widgets for Lightweight IT

With IMATIS Fundamentum Apps for Lightweight IT built into the Web Portal user interface, getting the Apps and Widgets has never been easier.

Tradional Taks Management (Housekeeping)

IMATIS Mobilix Request Management is a system that can run the end to end task management of the Municipality requirements for porters, technical service, orderlies and cleaners. This should include the ability to task manage the following:

-     Cleaning requests

-     General Porterage

-     Collection and Delivery of goods and services

-     Patient transport

-     Specific patient assistance requests (eg. Patient turns/pressure care)

-       Technical services

Traditional task management solutions are generally restricted to having to rely on human interaction (i.e., a 'Super Controller'). Staff would be required to create an electronic request, a controller would have to allocate the job and then the allocated staff would need to complete a job and update the status. This covers the requirements of many but it overlooks the real reason for implementing an electronic solution. The biggest failure of some of these systems is that it provides all the needs to the management - who would like to reduce cost or increase productivity - but usually falls short of providing a user friendly experience to the people who have to use it day to day.

Imatis is unique in that many of the manual steps can be automated. The base integration engine (Imatis Fundamentum) will enable you to build complex workflows so that they can reduce many of the manual tasks associated with a traditional task management solution; such as:

-     Integration with the patient management system or IMATIS Visi can enable messages to a cleaner to clean

        a room automatically, scheduled or on request.

-     Use the current status of an Orderly/Cleaner to determine where to send the next job. Instead of relying on someone to

        allocate jobs, these jobs can be automatically allocated to staff based on their role or even their location if RTLS is


-     Assign jobs automatically to staff members who are currently not busy. Utilise staff that may be assigned to a ward that

        have no current jobs to a nearby ward where the staff are busy.

-     Remove the need for mobile devices all together by using location services to determine when an orderly/cleaner

        enters the room and leaves the room.


Assign jobs diretcly from the door display or ward whiteboard. The job task will be assign to an orderly or cleaner based on rules, location and other status automatically, no need for manual dispatch.

Porters, housekeepers, service and technical staff members benefit by receiving tasks directly to their mobile devices. When a task is accepted by a member of staff, a work list is created, which is maintained by the staff member. Tasks can be accepted or declined from the handset, and on-the-fly tasks can be created.

Use standard technology - Mobility

Imatis technlogy supports any device for our Service Management applications


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