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IMATIS Mobilix improves healthcare delivery with mobile interoperability solutions that unite clinicians, support personnel and patients in a mobile information environment, designed and developed specifically for collaboration in healthcare organizations. IMATIS Mobilix ensures that important and secure messages and critical alarms are delivered to the right place, at the right time, anywhere and in a secure manner. Information is actively distributed to the correct personnel resource, as it becomes available, removing the need to manually locate and relay messages. The system can be configured to suit the specific requirements of different departments, hospitals or healthcare regions, and can be integrated seamlessly into the existing infrastructure.

Intelligent workflows and enhanced internal communication leads to greater efficiency and increased productivity, through improved utilization of resources, as well as better quality of patient treatment. Intelligent workflows also ensure that tasks are performed, improving work conditions by reducing stress levels and evening the staff workload.

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Mobilix benefits

- Increased patient and staff satisfaction

- Role-based messaging and direct messaging on any handheld devices

- Critical alarm management

- Nurse Call functionality

- Faster service to patients

- Rapid medical team assembly

- Smart and silent nurse call to responsible role

- Access to lab results on mobile device

- «My patient» worklist always current

- Uniform and user-friendly user interfaces

- Assignment of workflow tasks

- Real-time access to clinical information from any location and any device

IMATIS Mobilix - Secure App Portal for Care, Services, Messaging and Critical Alarms

IMATIS Mobilix enhances clinical and logistical processes by improving staff responsiveness, combining communication systems, thereby simplifying and encouraging collaboration within teams and across teams and units. Mobilix is a mobile portal that runs in a secure environment where health care apps can be installed and share context. Mobilix supports bring your own device (BYOD for short) for all mobile operating systems. The portal can host apps from Imatis, partners and in-house developed apps. The solution has som basic functionality as functions for Summon. Messages, Worklist an Contact application where roles and persons can be searched. Other Apps as Support Services, Hospital Orderly, Nurse Station and a lot of more can be added to the Mobilix if needed.

Single Sign-On, Roles, Responsible Roles and 24/7 Roles

Using IMATIS Mobilix, healthcare organizations can optimize the information flow and personnel logistics, by taking full advantage of core features in the product. The IMATIS system provides detailed role management, used in shaping and optimizing the information flows.  Efficient coordination of neighboring or interacting processes helps ensure that the right staff resources, up-to-date information or the necessary supplies are available where and when they are needed, by using handheld devices. Mobilix supports web-enabled devices including Android, Windows Mobile and iOS smartphones and tablets as well as IP phones. Single Sign-On (SSO) is implemented as well as context sharing for apps inside the Mobilix mobile web portal.

Managing My Patients

Nurses and doctors spend more time managing patient information and coordinating care than ever before. In the current complex healthcare environment, the lack of efficient mobile tools and inefficient team coordination means that patients wait longer and hospitals waste valuable resources. Through inefficient bed management, two patients are effectively waiting for the same bed; one to be discharged from it and one to be admitted into it. Before each patient event, different staff members must perform different tasks related to patient care, cleaning and administration. IMATIS Mobilix My Patients for smartphones and wearable devices keeps teams connected and coordinated.

Staff members can quickly access all of the information they need, including patient records, allocated tasks and plans, collaborative checklists, safety alerts and critical alarms – exactly where and when they need it. As soon as a task has been completed, the information is distributed to the central application, where it is available for other staff members, making collaboration easier. Incomplete or missing information is a thing of the past, removing bottlenecks and streamlining team coordination.

Release Data from Silos

IMATIS Mobilix helps organizations make the most of all the accumulated information and data by making it available where and when it is needed. Instead of accessing each piece of information separately in a primary system, Mobilix can receive data from building systems, facility management, hospital information system, patient-centric solutions, sensors, medical devices, critical alarms, national information registers and many other primary systems. Features such as single sign-on and context sharing makes it is easy for users to access information regardless of originating silo. The examples below show how to access lab results in real time from an IMATIS Visi whiteboard and from the «My patients» smartphone app - Mobilix.  The presence status is also shown in the user interface.

Mobile Nurse Call or Safety Alarms

The IMATIS Mobilix Care solutions help users quickly and easily manage work flow, communicate more directly with staff, enable superior patient-nurse communications, critical alarm management and enhance efficiency. Mobilix can trouch the Fundamentum platform be integrated to any vendor's nurse call system, even several vendors nurse call can be unified in one system.



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IMATIS Mobilix for Orderlies and Housekeeping

Ward staff use the support services request apps for orderly and housekeeping requests directly from the IMATIS Portal, Visi whiteboards or smartphones. Tasks are then assigned to orderlies or housekeepers, who receive notifications of new tasks to their handheld devices (pager, smartphone, tablets or PC). Smart task assignment can be based on zones or similar, reducing the travel between each task and ensuring more efficient use of staff members' time. Even Location Based Service can be added to the Smart task rules for automatioin of the work dispatch management (today we support Cisco Hyperlocation, Sonitor and Stanly). Each support service staff member manages their own task load, by accepting or rejecting incoming tasks and using the worklist of active tasks. The IMATIS Mobilix Orderly app is supported by the messaging and work flow engine embedded in the Fundamentum platform.  

Mobile Messaging, Summons and Alarms

Intelligent workflows and communications result in greater efficiency and productivity through improved utilization of resources as well as better quality treatment. Intelligent mobile workflows ensure that tasks are carried out with reduced stress and gives a more even distribution of the workload among the staff. Using third-party integrations and the flexible Fundamentum workflow engine, IMATIS Mobilix can detect, localize, prioritize  and route information about alarms and incidents. There is even functionality to automate the displatch of work task, alarm and messages in the platform.

Whenever an acute alarm is triggered, mobile messaging can help save vital minutes in assembling teams or resources to resolve the emergency. IMATIS Mobilix mobile messaging, summons and alerts can be used to call dedicated teams, on-duty roles or other dedicated resources quickly.  The alerts are sent to the mobile phones of staff members enrolled into teams or other alert-receiving roles.

Triggered calls can be based on integrations with fixed nurse call buttons or duress alarms. Alerts are sent to the mobile devices of staff members enrolled into different response teams, for example code blue teams, to staff enrolled in on-call functions or to other resources.  The IMATIS Fundamentum messaging workflow contains message routing rules and ensures a sufficient number of resources based on call acknowledgement from team members. Alerts are escalated to backup resources, should team members fail to acknowledge an emergency alert.  Customer also use the system for trigging alarm and messages based on critical alarms as fire alarm, lift alarms as well as a overlay to emergency alarms on medical devices.

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