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Extremely flexible and user-friendly solutions from Imatis


The IMATIS solution for integrating primary nurse call systems is extremely flexible and userfriendly for gaining the bigger picture of nurse call activity at each unit and ward. Thanks to the full product range of our partners and the unique software from Imatis, the resulting lightweight system is customized to suit each customer's specific requirements, even integrating multiple nurse call vendors into one unified enterprise solution.

The integration solutions are numerous: fire alarms, wireless paging, DECT telephones, IP phone, smartphones, apple watch, distress alarms, access control, integrated voice function etc. We also support SCAIP, the Scandinavian standard for safety alarms in home care and municipality units, both for wireless and fixed devices.

Imatis is a distributor of the nurse call and communication solution from Rauland, a Chicago-based company.  We have developed adapters to nurse call systems from Best, Ascom, Tunstall, Hills and Merlon, and with open APIs embedded in our middleware platform, nurse call systems and sensors from other vendors can easily be integrated and unified.

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Smart Nurse Call benefits

Advanced secondary Nurse Call work flow management solution

Integrates to any primary nurse call vendor or sensor

Integrates realtime location services (RTLS)

Integrates to the Hospital Information System (HIS)

Lightweight app for Use use of on Smart phonesmartphones running iOS, Android or Windows Mobile, even DECT and Pagers can be used

Cisco Cisco-validated design - use with Cisco Wireless phones

Integrates with Cisco Call Manager, as well as and othersother call managers

Can be used as an overlay to integrate several multiple nurse call vendors into one unified system

· Combine your nurse call system with multiple IMATIS components to achieve a streamlined and seamless system for all

  the different technologies used in an organization, providing reliable support to any work situation.

· Access nurse call status and resource allocation tools from IMATIS Visi nurse station electronic whiteboards

· Receive nurse call notifications and handle worklist items using IMATIS Mobilix apps for handheld devices

· Set rules for notifications and alerts from IMATIS Fundamentum

IMATIS Fundamentum is the integration, workflow and messaging platform that connects the IMATIS components, the nurse call system and the local infrastructure. The platform also handles security, logging, integrations and history, all wrapped up in a modern web portal with SSO capabilities for ease of everyday use.

Solution overview: Nurse Call, Visi, Mobilix and Fundamentum

The IMATIS Visi Nurse station is an electronic nurse station whiteboard, the primary work area with real time nurse call updates and status, room presence, resource availability and allocation for the smart nurse call system. The nurse station can be optimised for regular desktop computers or wall-mounted and touch-based monitors, showing a combination of clinical information, orderly status, bed management etc. with nurse call functionality, for a complete ward overview.

Access Nurse Call directly from Visi Whitebaord

The patient room is equipped with nurse call cords, panels and - optionally - virtual call buttons built into the IMATIS Ludus patient terminal. IMATIS Ludus and Mobilix introduces differentiated nurse calls and additional requests from patient to staff members, making it easier for staff to prioritise tasks.

When the patient activates the nurse call, it is forwarded to the nurse responsible for the room. The nurse carries a handheld device where the notification is displayed with details of priority and location. Accepted calls are added to the nurse's worklist, and declined calls are forwarded to other staff members. An alarm cannot be reset until confirmed, typically by marking presence in the room.  

Primary nurse call devices for hallways are used to indicate rooms with active nurse calls. These light up when a call is active, a status which is reflected in the nurse station overview. Room management displays can be mounted outside each room, to show nurse call presence information, status, room and bed status, infection status etc. Orderly or housekeeping requests can be incorporated into the room displays.

Clips secure that the smartphone is not droping out of the pocket