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Imatis solutions around secondary nurse call is a breakthrough in safe and efficient two-way patient communication and treatment, including use of mobility, a flexible nurse station application and room displays management system, we can even forward notifications to wearable devices such as modern digital watches.

Combing standard nurse call systems with with the IMATIS Platform enables a hitherto unachievable level of flexibility and attentiveness for the hospital nurses. The IMATIS Platform makes Cisco wireless IP phones or Smart phones (Windows Mobile, Apple iOS or Android) a part of standard nurse call systems expanding nurse call beyond traditional nurse call communication devices. IMATIS Nurse Call is a it's a comprehensive secure hospital communication system, IP based secure system based on the wireless data network, designed to maintain effective communications between care personnel, patients, maintenance and admin personnel through one system, over a one set of standardized devices.

IMATIS Nurse Call is your system to achieve improved patient safety and service, increase productivity and employee satisfaction. Its mobility untethers you from the nurses’ station, allowing you to communicate with your patients from anywhere. It eliminates the need for noisy, distracting overhead paging systems, dramatically improves your workflow and efficiency, and improves patient satisfaction with faster response times and call receipt confirmations.

Nurse Station benefits

Virtual Nurse Station

Provides integrations adapters for Best, Ascom, Rauland, Nesk, Hills and Merlon Nurse Call

Co-exist with smart phone and tablets

Informatinon sharing with door displays / room management displays

Silent secondary nurse call

Manage rules, roles, responsible roles and resources

Request hospital orderly, housekeeping and bed status from same user interface

Supports auto dispatch of work items

Communication with chat, voice and video

The world´s most modern and advanced nurse call functionality

Built for nurses in cooperation with nurses

When a patient needs you, you could be anywhere on the ward or in the hospital, based on the responsible role configuration. The nurse call system finds you through a small, wireless phone you carry with you. The on-phone screen tells you who are calling or where the nurse call is activated. A configurable escalation system sends calls to alternate staff if you are not available. A work list can be built and calls can be prioritized.

One-touch scrambling of emergency teams

Two-way communication between patient and nurse with wireless phones and IMATIS Nurse Station is delivered through integration with standard patient signal systems. It conveys alarms from the patient signal system to medical staff based on roles and responsible roles, as well as 24/7 responsible teams. This implies that special teams can be alerted and mobilized based on roles and proximity to patient.

With IMATIS Nurse Station a two-way communication is set up between medical staff and patients for clarification of cause of alert without having to rush to the patient's bed. The patient is immediately given feedback on the status of his alert.

All patient alarms and responses are monitored in the nurses' station for visualization and tracking of events and act as a source for optimization of round the clock staffing levels in the hospital. The system can also use RFID tracking based on the wireless position of the Phone or using tags, e.g. from partners such as Sonitor or Stanly (former AeroScout).

The pioneering hospitals St. Olav's Hospital and Nye Ahus Hospital in Norway have selected IMATIS Nurse Call as their nurse call system in the wireless IP network. Both hospitals represent best practices in applying new technology and work processes utilizing the potential in fully integrated hospitals. The brand new Østfold Hospital Kalnes, opened in November 2015, has also chosen the latest Imatis technology using Smart phones as their primary system, completely replacing pagers for all messaging and critical alarm in the Hospital. This includes nurse call, hospital orderly services, housekeeping, technical services etc.

IMATIS is the award winning product of Imatis, a Norwegian developer of innovative integration software for healthcare. Imatis is a spin out from the oil & gas industry sectors, where we have over years delivered mission critical applications. Real- time decision tools with role based access through web portals on any device is our business idea. Using cutting edge technology from worldwide partners we build solutions for the future. Simply innovation applied.

By Integrated Hospital the vision is building digital hospitals for the future - and we deliver today.

Effective communication and notification

Stay with your patient at all times

Door display and Room Management solutions

Nurse station - work flow whiteboard

Seeing is believing

IMATIS room management supports the management of any room resource in a Hospital, i.e. operation rooms, patient rooms as well as examination rooms and others.

Room management focuses on maximizing operational efficiency at the facility, e.g. to maximize the number of surgical cases that can be done on a given day while minimizing the required resources and related costs.

The room display or room management display has two-way communication with the IMATIS Visi Whiteboard and can be integrated to Nurse call, bed management and service call etc.

From the Door Display or the electronic Whiteboard you can define Room type – General, Semi private, Private, deluxe, 2 beds, 3 beds etc. You can also assign room numbers to particular type, describe the floor on which it is situated, occupancy status of wards/ Rooms

daily bed availability, book bed, shifting of patients from one Ward/Room to Another Ward/Room, see nurse call status, status about infections, order transportation, need cleaning status and much more. The display is a service call device.

Shifting of a patient from one department to another department/

discharge a patient will automatically release bed occupancy. There is a lot of flexibility since the use interface can easily be configured to share any information from a Whiteboard, including status for lab results, images, waiting for information, information about responsible nurse and a lot more.

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Senior living

Throughout a facility, Imatis connects systems, such as duress call systems, security alarms, and the PBX, and delivers messages to the right people, at the right time, on their preferred communication device. When a duress button is pressed, when a patient monitor triggers an alarm, or when a security door is opened, senior living and aged care facilities that rely on Imatis solutions take better care of their residents—all while improving efficiency of their staff.