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Improve Communicaton and Care Coordination - Mobilix


Effective communication between clinical, doctors and other staff are critical to the operation of a modern hospital. Studies from the US show that approximately 90% of the employees at the hospital sends standard SMS to communicate protected health information. In addition, hospitals are still one of the very few industries where pager is still the most important communication tool. This creates challenges for health care who want to build good collaboration solutions.

Imatis has since 2003 delivered role-based and secure communication solutions to hospitals that use IP phones from Cisco, both in Norway and internationally. The communication is thus two-way, closed, secure and verifiable. This innovaton has now support for multi-platform so messages can be accessed on any device from anywhere.

App to replease pagers in Healthcare

- Two-way meassaging

- Reduce number of devices

- Bring your own device

- National signal coverage

- Embedded task and worklis

- Support Apple, Windows and Androide

- Support Cisco wireless IP phone

- Can be integrated with existens Pagers

- Access to contact directories, rostery systems, active directorey etc.

- Operates on many networks

- Integrated with all other products from Imatis

Ability to integrate with EMR

The IMATIS Fundamentum Apps and Widgets for Lightweight IT

With IMATIS Fundamentum Apps for Lightweight Health Care built into the Web Portal user interface, getting the Apps and Widgets has never been easier. This also includes secure messaging apps for smartphones.


Pager vs secure messaging apps

Update live cycle:

New hardware


Imatis messaging app

Monthly software updates or more frequently



Software BYOD

Two-way messaging

only one way communication

Closed loop, two-way communication

Reduce number of devices

One device for each role

Use one device to multiple functions

Operates on mye networks

Closed net

Multiple network and support raoming

Access to contact directoris

Not possible

Connect to contact directories

Ability to provide more context


Apps from Imatis and others

Ability to integrate with EMR


Flexible on open

Support BYOD

Deviced connected to role

Log in for role selection

Add functionality


More apps to be installed when needed


High cost

Low to medium cost

Imatis have been working on further developing this technology, and has delivered the latest version of the brand new hospital in Østfold - Kalnes. Where it is now installed more than 1500 smartphones from Microsoft, where secure communication and messaging solution in established - at large scale.

IMATIS Mobilix delivered to all OS, meaning that it runs Android, Apple, Cisco and Windows Phones. Phones from different vendors can actually be mixed in the same environment if you want and we can seamlessly work between the internal WLAN and GSM communications. Even messages can be send to a PC or Mac from anywhere.

Imatis supply a variety of Apps that interact with Mobilix. Mobilix solutions can total integrated with EMR systems, then we offer their own Widgets and APIs so that it can be realized. The message exchange is of course fully integrated and seamless on the second of Imatis products there and it is possible to link the patient together in the message exchange.

The solution has run in standard version calling, secure messaging, worklists and planning. Mobilix expandable with functionality for cleaning staff, porters, technical service and patient involvement. There are a lot more Apps and Widgets that complement the hospital's needs, please contact us if you want to learn more.

It is important to note that no data is stored on your phone, so you lose your phone, it will not be possible to retrieve health information provided by telefonenen, even if you are using a private phone (BYOD). You log in using SSO, a role so as to obtain access to the relevant Apps. Then detects one with a responsible role, such as a doctor on duty 1, head nurse, porter 1, etc.

Are you going to modernize communications, and get rid of the old peso applicants, so contact Imatis we have the solution and more than 10 years of experience with secure communications in hospitals in Norway and International. All data stores in a SQL database and is a basis for analytics and effective reporting in real time. It is possible to use pagers with the moderene platform, but only with one-way communication.

The secure messaging platform supports robot functionality to auto dispach work items based on advanced rules. precense information, location based services and queue management.  You can even pre-book aktivities and set up for return activities.

Summon, Messages and Worklist (tasks)

Secure healthcare messaging and robot functionality

Auto dispach


Robtics and auto dispach

See when Messages are Deliverd and Read

Notificatoin alarts help you work more efficiently by showing when your messages have been sent, delivered and read.

Fore those times when you´re to busy or not on call there´s a a mode that lets you auto-forward messages to a colleague within the same role.

All messages are encrypted and no information is stored on the device if the device is out of network connection, it is only sotred on the server and will show up when connection to the server is reastablished.