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Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) is one of Imatis’ international key partners that is present world wide.  HPE is both a system integrator and an implementation partner.  Technical resources and sales personnel within the HPE organization have been trained in our solutions and products, and can assist customers and prospective customers worldwide.

The Digital Hospital Infrastructure (DHI) is a framework consisting of HPE products (network components, servers, computers and services) that work optimally in unison with Imatis' healthcare solutions, integration engine and product suite. DHI provides the foundation for a health service environment that offers a better quality of care, improvements in patient safety, and greater productivity for healthcare professionals. DHI is based on a single IP connectivity and integration platform (IMATIS Fundamentum), which connects the different hospital systems. One of the benefits of the IMATIS Fundamentum Integration engine is in building system integrations, such as the HIS integration, into one system.

HPE is a technology company, active in over 170 countries around the world. The company explores how technology and services can help people and companies address their problems and challenges, to realize their possibilities, aspirations and dreams.

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise - Worldwide

Health organizations around the world have entrusted Microsoft to help protect their data. Microsoft values this trust, and the privacy and security of your data is one of our top concerns. Microsoft strives to take a leadership role when it comes to security, privacy, and compliance practices in the cloud. By providing customers with compliant, independently verified cloud services, Microsoft and Imatis makes it easier for customers to achieve compliance for the infrastructure and applications they run in Azure. Several of Imatis' healthcare customers run their IMATIS Fundamentum platform and applications in cloud installations.  

Microsoft's family of devices and services help transform the way health professionals access and use information throughout the course of their day. Windows devices help enable access to resources from virtually anywhere, to achieve personalized experiences that improve user productivity, and enterprise-grade solutions that help keep patient information secure. With Microsoft mobility solutions running Imatis software, healthcare organizations can empower their clinicians to work more efficiently and, most importantly, help provide better patient care.

At the brand new Østfold Hospital, outside Oslo in Norway, Imatis run clinical and service applications on all devices from MS in a large enterprise installation with more than 1500 Windows smartphones, more than 100 large touch screens, several sign-in info screens, self-check-in kiosks as well as integration with HIS and the facility and phone system.

Microsoft - Worldwide

Evry covers first line support for the IMATIS solutions installed at St. Olav's Hospital in Trondheim, as well as supporting the entire hospital through their IT service contract. Evry is responsible for the centralized operation of IT and telephony services at the hospital, including networks and IT equipment, including the complete IMATIS integration and messaging platform and application suite. This includes network communication with the technical medical equipment, the facility equipment as well as other applications in use at the hospital. All services are provided with a very high level of availability. The health region Midt-Norge have signed a framework agreement with Imatis and Evry, allowing the region to install and use the IMATIS applications at all hospitals throughout the entire health region, which is one of four regions in Norway.

Evry delivers solutions covering the entire range of business-critical IT services, from application services and industry-specific solutions to IT operating services and network solutions. Evry's ambition is to help its customers create added value by cutting IT costs and realizing the potential offered by new solutions.

Evry is a sales partner for Imatis in Norway, where they sell, implement and support partner solutions from internal data centers or from the Evry's cloud center. Evry and Imatis jointly develop tools for patient safety in close collaboration with Health Region Sørøst in Norway.

Evry - Norway

A pioneer and an innovator, Rauland-Borg has been setting new standards for integrated communications technology in the field of primary nurse call and service for more than 70 years.

Since 1936, Rauland-Borg has identified, developed and perfected innovative communications tools to meet and surpass customer needs in healthcare.

The Responder nurse call system shortens the response time to device alarms by providing the location and information on the type of alarm directly to a staff's wireless device, especially important at night when fewer staff are on board. Responder from Rauland is built around the way nurses really work. Because the system integrates traditional nurse call functionality with the latest wireless technologies (smartphones, Wi-Fi phones, door display and pocket pagers), nurses can be mobile throughout the hospital, yet still be immediately accessible. No more wasted effort, no more time delays with Responder.

With the IMATIS Fundamentum Integration and Messaging Engine  as the active middleware, the Responder system is used for alarm notification, passing assignment information to IMATIS Fundamentum and the IMATIS Mobilix smartphone apps for staff.

Imatis is the exclusive re-seller of Rauland products in Scandinavia. The combination of nurse call from Rauland and IMATIS products and technology is the perfect mix for your hospital or nursing home.

Rauland - Scandinavia

Imatis has been a technology and sales partner to Cisco since 2003. Several of our international sales partners are Cisco certified. The IMATIS application platform for mobility in healthcare has a Cisco-validated design and supports Cisco Medical Grade Design. Cisco has developed the health industry-specific architecture Cisco Medical-Grade Framework. All Imatis solutions are fully compatible with Cisco IP phones, the Cisco Call Manager and the Cisco Medical-Grade network platform.

Cisco has shaped the future of the Internet by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for their customers, employees, investors and ecosystem partners, and has become the worldwide leader in networking - transforming how people connect, communicate and collaborate.

If you are looking to find Imatis products and implementation partners in your area, please contact us, and we can arrange contact with one of our local Cisco-certified partners.

Cisco - Worldwide

Sonitor Technologies is a leading provider of real-time location system (RTLS) solutions and develops, manufactures and supplies a proprietary ultrasound indoor positioning system (IPS) that automatically tracks the real-time location of moveable equipment and people with 100% room or sub-room accuracy, even in complex indoor environments, such as hospitals. Sonitor Technologies' RTLS technology is designed for seamless integration with third party applications software and integration solutions. Imatis has developed a standardized adapter for connecting Sonitor RTLS functionality into the workflow. Sonitor has a validated integration interface to Imatis.

Sonitor - Worldwide

Vakt og Alarm is an Imatis partner for wellfare technology and sensor systems in the Scandinavian market.  Sensor technology from Vakt og Alarm is seamlessly connected to all Imatis software for use in the response center, municipality mobile watch solutions and in the home care market. Vakt % Alarm has a validated integration interface to Imatis.

Vakt & Alarm - Scandinavia

LPS Defence SA delivers nurse call solutions with real-time location for hospital and nursing homes, based on technolcoty from Imatis and Sonitor. They also deliver other RTLS-based solutions and sell Imatis software in Swiss, French and Austrian market.

The software has full language support for use in the local market.

LPS Services - Switzerland

Tieto - Nordic

Tieto aims to become customers’ first choice for business renewal as the leading Nordic Patient Record Software

In a rapidly changing world, every bit of information can be used to provide new value. Tieto aims to capture the significant opportunities of the data-driven world and turn them into lifelong value for people, business and society. Having a strong role in the healthcare ecosystems, Tieto and Imatis jointly offer there software solution in close co-operation in several Nordic healthcare projects.