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IMATIS - Patient Safety and Risk Meetings "In Safe Hands 24/7"


A Whiteboard meeting is a recognized tool for assessing patients' risk of injury.  Whiteboard meetings encourages teamwork by an interdisciplinary team together evaluating the patient, and to help reach consensus on appropriate action. The meetings also enhance the employee's awareness of practices, situations, measures and the most vulnerable patients. Imatis has developed tools for risk of injury consultation meetings. Data discoverable on consultation meetings can be captured via integration to EHR / PAS and through Smart Phone Apps developed by IMATIS.  Imatis has developed a range of tools for helping Hospitals and Municipalities to manage their patient safety programs. The tools are developed in close cooperation with clinical staff at the University Hospital in Stavanger, Vestfold Central Hospital in Tønsberg and Region Zealand in Denmark as well as several Municipality customers.

IMATIS Mobilix Portal

Mobilix Apps for registering risk of injury

The Imatis tools for management of patient safety and risk of injury are based on a flexible and configurable whiteboard for use by interdisciplinary teams assessing and scoring patient risk.  

The tools focus on the following areas:

Safe surgery, treatment of stroke, prevention of infections by CVS, proper use of medicines in the home harmonization of drug lists, prevention of falls, prevention of pressure ulcers, vital sign registration and MEWS score, prevention of urinary tract infections, prevention of overdose deaths, follow up of “frequent flyers” and management of patient safety.

Data is collected from the Electronic patient chart, electronic patient record or by using Apps running on all types of Smart Phones.  

How is a risk meeting conducted?

The specific implementation must be adapted to local conditions and needs, and the whiteboard can easily be adapted to local needs through a configuration interface.. The Imatis Whiteboard solution is web based and can optionally be installed the Cloud.


Whiteboard meetings are held daily. Several hospitals combine meeting with pre-visits. Some choose to have two meetings a day, and the purpose of the latter is then to clarify which tasks remain and if anyone needs help to perform their tasks.


The meeting is held in front of the whiteboard (it hangs in a private location restricted from access to patients / clients and relatives).


This meeting is an interdisciplinary forum, for those present at the department / unit meeting time. It might be relevant to define who should attend in the event individual participation is not guaranteed.


The agenda of the risk meeting is to evaluate the identified risk areas for the individual patient and decide whether the relevant measures have been carried out and/or who should implement the necessary measures. One should not spend more than two to four minutes per patient as a rule of thumb.

Mobilix MEWS App

Mobilix Fall Score App

Mobilix Nutrition Score  App

Whiteboard meeting is a recognized tool for assessing patients' risk of injury

Team meeting using Whiteboard - from Region Zealand in Denmark

Patient Safety benefit

- Transparent information sharing across departments and organizations

- Collect risk information across the hospital for central management

- Supports national patient safety programme: "In Safe Hands 24/7"

- Manage frequent flyer patient to reduce accident and number of return

- Reduce errors and failures in the treatment

- Got a real time overvew of all patient that have a high risk score across the hospital

Norwegian Patient Safety Program - In Safe Hands

In Safe Hands was originally launched in 2011 as a patient safety campaign by the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services. From 2014, the campaign continued as a five-year program. The aim of the programme is to reduce patient harm.

The “In Safe Hands” campaign is currently measuring patient safety culture among professionals in all care giving units in every hospital. In addition, the campaign is now piloting a similar survey on patient safety culture among a selection of ambulatory clinics with regular general practitioners and emergency care. The IMATIS solution for safety and risk meeting fully support the "In Safe Hands 24/7 national programme"

Mobilix Apps for notification of MyPatient

Patients atrisk in the safe hands concept are then filtered and data will be shown on the “risk and safety” whiteboard. In addition, the information is forwarded to a Smart phone and or wearable watches. The information displayed is the at risk patients that are shown to the responsible role as MyPatients.  The information displayed is the "triage" status, patient name, age and locations.  Alternative configurations can be set up to show additional information, only by configuring the Whiteboard and update the profile.

The IMATIS Fundamentum Apps and Widgets for Health Care

With IMATIS Fundamentum Apps for Health Care built into the Web Portal have several apps and widgets to support the nurses and doctors with tools for process and resource handling of the ”In Safe Hands” program