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Response centers are part of the specialized health care services. Many emergency response centers cooperate with primary health care organizations and emergency response units when handling emergency medical events. The IMATIS Response Center solutions can be divided into three different main configurations:

EMCCs and Tele Visitation

Emergency response center: The emergency response center is a versatile tool for emergency center staff, providing information and decision support as well as enabling communication and information exchange with emergency response units and medical emergency services. Other key features are: resource and workflow optimization, assisting in assigning best response and emergency patient flow between the different healthcare organizations involved in acute treatment.

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Remote Monitoring of Patients

Home care response center: Using the software as a platform for establishing a home care response center, where residents or patients are living in their own homes or in remotely monitored apartments or residential communities. The solution includes tools for staff members, such as overview of patients and wards, monitoring of safety alarms and medical sensors, smartphone apps etc., Tools for patients include apps for sending daily health status reports, mobile safety alarms etc.

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Nurse Station

Distributed nurse call ward application: Connecting the response center software to any nurse call system transforms the two systems into a distributed nurse call ward application, where nurse call notifications and worklists are distributed to the smartphones carried by caregivers.

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The medical emergency industry offers significant challenges on how to provide comprehensive, continuous service with a common platform for voice, text, image transmission and other information flow. Imatis has a flexible platform with a modern user interface that can be used in all or part of the acute medical chain. The response center infrastructure and applications are based on a modern and flexible software suite, which can be installed in a cloud or in local data centers with high availability requirements, up to 99.999%.

The Imatis response center software is used in different emergency medical communication centers, tele-visitation emergency centers and in municipal response centers for welfare security alarms and home monitoring of patients. The same platform is used for nurse call and security alarm integration in hospitals, where the ward nurse call application is used to forward nurse calls to smartphones and VOIP-phones. Imatis developed the first version of the software for control centers in the oil and gas industry back in 1995-1998, where sensor and alarm systems with more than 100.000 sensors were connected.

In October 2015, Microsoft announced their intention to implement ORTC in Microsoft Edge with a focus on video and audio communications. Imatis have been hard at work on our implementation of ORTC in IMATIS Fundamentum Portal since then. Imatis has already implemented WebRTC in the current release 2014 of the Fundamentum Portal.  With the new version we can do calls, voice and video between browsers supporting WebRTC and ORTC. This is now implemented for all our Apps and Widgets running in the IMATIS Portal application on Chrome, Opera, Edge and Firefox.