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Lightweight IT unlocking value from legacy systems

As healthcare legacy systems become more outdate and difficult to maintain, Imatis has over the last years developed a Medical Grade Platform - IMATIS Fundamentum. The Platform can migrate and/or integrate applications to a modern platform that are more manageable, cost effective. Fundamentum supports care team productivity, clinical-grade mobility and with full support for advanced health analytics.  The platform automates work flow and has been demonstrated to be a game changer in automation and self-service in healthcare. It supports both cloud and private cloud installations, and it is a great place for application innovation. The Platform has been a excellent fundation for innovation, and we see our customers are innovating new functinality and solutions from the building blocks of IMATIS.

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The IMATIS suite of hospital eHealth software focuses on pervasive technology integration, bringing out the best in primary systems through lightweight applications. Hospital solutions include patient journey tracking, nurse call, flow management, queue management, clinical and collaborative pathways, patient engagement, clinical-grade mobility, an advanced messaging engine and much more.

Our concept for community care supports streamlining care between different levels of care, e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, community caregivers etc.

Examples of solutions include central response centers, staff mobility solutions, emergency solutions, smart call systems, sensor integrations, logistics and workflow optimization.

Our platform for home care allows patients and residents to safely stay in their own homes whilst being monitored by healthcare staff. Our software and solution include health apps, sensor integrations, safety alarms, video and voice communication, daily health surveys and clinical pathways for different conditions.

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