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Widget benefits

Use widgets alongside and in combination with other applications in the IMATIS Portal:

- Calculate waiting time for queuing patients

- Engage patients directly

- Waiting area info with weather and news

- Patient chart access

- Soft safety alarms

- Notifications and alerts

- Learning materials

- Surveys and questionnaires

- Service widgets

Amazing Widgets for IMATIS Fundamentum Portal


Widgets are applets with additional functionality for the IMATIS Fundamentum web portal. The widgets can be downloaded and installed from IMATIS Apps. Widgets can be developed by Imatis, by a partner or a customer. Using the Imatis API, the widgets can communicate with other widgets, apps and applications. One example of widgets is IMATIS Time display, which displays time, calculates waiting time for resources in a Visi or Porta whiteboard. The widget is very versatile, and can be used in door displays or room management displays, as a signage component or for reporting statistics.  

Other widgets are:

Daily Weather Widget

Activity Monitoring Widget

Patient Chart Widget

IMATIS Forms widget

Media Widget

The IMATIS Media widget is used to show training videos, signage information or stream live TV and movies.  Media content can be streamed from online sources such as YouTube, TV and Movie content management system. The widget has a responsive design and is device-independent, for use with any device. The widget can be installed from the module IMATIS Apps, embedded in the IMATIS Fundamentum portal.

The IMATIS Weather widget is used to display the weather forecast, based on the open service, which delivers global weather forecasts. The widget can be used in signage displays, door displays or any other configuration of the IMATIS Portal. The weather forecast from Yr is delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and NRK.

The IMATIS  Activity Monitoring widget is a fantastic tool with a lot of built in flexibility, offering a lot more than just displaying the time. It can be configured to display the time and day, but it can also perform real-time calculations based on information in IMATIS Visi or Porta whiteboards. Examples of calculations which can be displayed: The number of patients waiting for a resource (e.g. queue at a clinic or waiting for CT etc.), estimate maximum waiting time for a resource, average values and much more. We have customers that also are using the widget to do real time botleneck calcualtions, enterprise KPI calculations etc.  Examples of this is number of beds in use, number of patients on twards, number of pateints to be send home today, number of patients waiting for a doctor visits etc. The image below shows some of the configuration options available for the widget.

The IMATIS Form widget enables easy creation of surveys and questionnaires, With this widget, paper-based routines and forms is really a thing of the past!. The surveys are connected to a whiteboard for storing answers, and can also be integrated with the self-service check-in kiosk. It can be used with MS Excel to process the answers, or as a stand-alone.

The widget was originally created as an application for patients to report their daily health status for post-discharge follow-up in chronic disease management. The application has a broad range of possible uses involving the patients directly, call center personnel, outreach applications, clinical trials, during research or follow-ups etc.

The resulting applicationfinished survey can be used in a variety of other scenarios:

The IMATIS patient chart widget brings together real-time clinical patient data from sensors and medical devices with patient information and staff resource management in an innovative interface. Alarm notifications can be provided both in the central overview and by forwarding the alarms to the mobile devices of staff members with responsible roles, via IMATIS Mobilix.

The patient chart widget solution brings together all relevant patient information and presents it as waveform data. The raw data is stored in the IMATIS Fundamentum Historian or in existing heavyweight IT systems.

Example of the patient chart widget opened in context from the IMATIS Visi whiteboard

E.g. the patient chart widget is opened in context from the IMATIS Visi whiteboard

Alarm and Notification Service Widgets

A set of widgets that can be used as virtual buttons for one-click activation of services in context, for example used by patients requesting a glass of water from their bedside patient portal. The responsible nurse receives the request on their handheld device and is able to prioritize the request against current and waiting tasks, without having to walk across the ward for clarifications - just in case the incoming notification is more urgent than the one currently being performed. The widget is also perfectly matched to the Mobilix room management solution with door displays, home care installation or as a part of the IMATIS Ludus bedside patient portal.

Build your own App or Widget based with on our the Schema Configurator Configuration

Imatis has developed a generic widget to create forms for patients and employees. After creating your form, it can be loaded as an app or widget in the IMATIS Portal, to be reused throughout the installation. The app or widget can be used as an integral part of all IMATIS applications, for example the check-in kiosk, a Visi or Porta whiteboard or as an independent app. User is also using the App for entering ICD 10 diagnose codes for patients. You decide! The image below shows a customer example in use.

Weather widget: Shows the current and upcoming weather for the location, based on the open service.

Media widget: Used to display videos, signage information, TV or streaming entertainment.

Patient chart widget: Clinical data from multiple sources, including medical devices and sensors.

Surveys: Build surveys and questionnaires, ranging from patient satisfaction indexes to health reports or staff tools for triaging, taking information etc.

Request widget: Where patients request assistance of non-medical nature from their devices, routed to a central application or a responsible role.  

The widgets can be stand-alone or incorporated into other applications, for example whiteboards.


Patient applications apps for communicating with healthcare personnel, for a variety of patient groups to communicate with health personnel

Patient registration forms required at check-in or new when registering a new patient registration

Patient/user satisfaction survey, where patients can provides feedback to the institution

Information gathering where staff members take information in a specific order in accordance with exact protocols

As an information capturing tool for clinical trials of new drugs

Example of a real time Key Performance Indicator, where the time display widget is used to calculate status across the Hospital. This can be used to messure any botleneck, queue, waiting status etc across Hospital. And it is easy to set up and configure with no need for IT competance, just download the Widget from the App store, configure and start to use. Easier can it not be done. Ther is also open API for more advanced use by Microsoft Analytics and Cubes developed by Imatis